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Effective Communication Skills at Chakwal

Organized by AFAQ for school principals at Chakwal region


The Nitty-Gritty of Publc Speaking

Workshop on Public Speaking Telenor Batch 3 took place in Marriott on December 22-23, 2014


Unleash the Winner Within

A fun-learning full day professional development training program conducted for Lahore team of one of the leading advertising agencies of Pakistan.


The Alpha & Omega of Selling

Workshop conducted on Feb 20-21 at Sarena Hotel.


Training Courses

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The Alpha & Omega of Selling-2 day workshop

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Sharpening Your Winning Edge

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The Art of Non Verbal Communication

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Interpersonal Influence-Negotiation Skills

Dealing with others and cast a lasting impres...

Customer Service Excellence-1 day program

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Muhammad Usman Gulzari is a corporate (certified) trainer and coach. He is a lead trainer at “The Missing P”. He believes all human beings have incredible potential but most of us are unaware of it. His passion is to introduce people to their higher selves. Usman is a strong advocate of “we learn most in the moment of joy”. His workshops are fun-based learning program that give participants not only escape from their monotonous jobs but they also observe a noticeable difference in their skills. Usman has trained over 6000 professionals and has conducted numerous trainings on effective communication skills, body language, selling, interpersonal skills, change management, values inculcation, leadership skills, team building, dealing with difficult people & presentation skills. He has successfully facilitated executives, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, managers, teachers and students from different walks of life to bring their best forward. Usman has conducted training programs in Telenor, wi-tribe, HBL, Nayatel, PSEB, MIA Corporation (Acson AC), Helping Hand, Save the Children, MOL, Meezan Bank, Nordex, NTC, Bestway Cements, & Attock Refinery Limited. Usman has served as the president of Islamabad Toastmasters Club (July 2013-Jun2014). He possesses MS Marketing from SZABIST, Islamabad. He is a certified trainer from TTT program Navitus, Strategic Vision by Time Lenders, NLP International Certification from Mind Sciences, High Performance Selling by Brian Tracy, Advanced Negotiation Skills by Dananjaya, He is also a part of core trainer’s team of executing Pakistan School Safety Framework (PSSF), a joint venture of NDMA, SOL & British Council. Areas of Expertise: • Public Speaking/Presentation Skill • Selling & Negotiation Skills • Effective Communication • Personal Leadership • The Art of Facilitation

-Muhammad Usman Gulzari Trainer & Coach

Mind Feast

When I started The Missing P, I started as a Marketing Consultant. The purpose was to assist small and medium enterprises to increase their sales. For two years I got various projects but I failed to satisfy the clients in their expectations of results. Then in mid of 2012 I received another huge project of marketing. Client shared their expectations and I shared my deliverables. Although I didn’t promise them that their expectation will be met, but I knew in my heart that they will get double their expectations. (Otherwise I wouldn’t have worked).

I worked hard. Seriously, really hard. I also prayed to Allah with gloomy heart that Ya Allah if you will not make this project successful, I will quit the marketing consultancy. (I knew God will not disappoint me).

After three months, the time had arrived to eat the benefits. Result?
I failed terribly; client didn’t even get the half of the results which they expected.
I decided to quit Marketing Consultancy and decided to focus solely on Trainings (which only had 10% share of my income that time).

Today I realize if I didn’t fail, I wouldn’t give focus on trainings Allah made me for this task. Allah wanted me to learn, grow and share, Allah hid my rizk in this area even more than I ever dreamt of. But He wanted me to give up something of low value than to gain something of higher value. But how could I understand?

I have a firm belief now that Allah is the best of all planners.(Quran) We only have to be a believer. We must have an unwavering FAITH. Faith means, the ability to see things that not yet exist. He is fair. It is only that we sometimes don’t understand. I think we don’t have to all the time, we only have to be a good believer.

Few days back I went to a hairdresser. While he was cutting my hair, he was watching talk show and exchanging his views about political situation in Pakistan.

He was condemning one politician and favoring the other. His sentences were: " Is mulk ka in Chorron ne berha gharq kardia" "Bech ke kha gaie" "Is mulk mein ab kuch nahi hosakta" "agar aaj bhi haqoomat mein wo ajaie to shayad Pakistan behter hojaie"

I felt he had so much knowledge about country political situation. But, he has been in the same profession and running the same small shop for past twenty years. He feels he will only get better when his favorite politician will assume power.

I have met hundreds of people who almost share the similar belief. This belief has many variations. Most common are government, office management and negative relatives.

It is really painful to see when people holds negative belief which are not helping them but rather destroying them.

I understand this is a reality that our country is facing challenges. But there is another side of the picture, which is beautiful. Where people start from the bottom and reach to top, without sifarish, without enough resources and without rishwat.
We will only see this beautiful side of picture when we choose to give up the negative side of picture.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of meeting some truly exceptional people in my life, people who have been regarded as the gurus of industry.

The strategy has been simple. Indeed so simple that people raise their eyebrows in mock disbelief.

I simply ASK them. I write an email to state my sincere appreciation towards what they're doing and request for a meeting so that I could learn from them or/and get inspiration. Most of the times I receive an affirmative response without further ado Sometimes I don't. I then try again with different methods UNTIL I get response from them.

I have seen people violating this rule in public forums. They stand up and start with poor body language and scared voice “hmm, aaa, I am sorry but I wont take your time much… OR ….I don’t know whether you like it what I am going to say or not..”
If we are doubtful ourselves, how we expect someone else to believe in our message or product?

This is the lesson I learned not from the books but from the experience:
1 - Until 12 year of education, I learned that Intelligent Quotient (IQ) was the most important attribute for success.
2 - Until my graduation, I learned that Emotional Quotient (EQ) was the most important attribute for success.
Now it has been almost four years since I started my own venture, I found that although IQ and EQ are important yet the most significant attribute for success is FQ-Failure Quotient. I define FQ as the ability to fail again and again without losing enthusiasm.