About TheMissingP

If you think hiring someone, training them and having them leave is expensive, try hiring them, not training them and having them stay.”

The Missing P is training and coaching organization founded in 2010 with a vision to empower people to bring their best forward so that they improve the quality of their life and also bring significant value for the organization.

We believe people have incredible potential yet most of us are unaware of it. Our mission is to empower people to bring their best forward.

A key ingredient to ensure that an organization achieves the level of efficient profitability from within is to effectively leverage employee potential. The Missing P focuses on capitalizing the impact of human capital on organization’s growth.

“One of the challenges of training is deciding who exactly you train in your organization and when you train them. The answers are: a) everyone, and, b) all the time.” - Marty McGhie

The integrated series of workshops and training offer a wide range of skill & impact building experience. Courses are designed after much research and industry experience. The reason why our clients choose us is because of our easy to use frameworks and our ability to blend fun with instructions.

Our Vision & Values:

Our Vision: We envision that the people at workplace are excited to work, they are aware of the value they are adding to the organization & the world. They know the Big Picture of their daily tasks, they bring their best forward & are able to present themselves the way they want others to see.

Our Values: The team of The Missing P has set the anchors with values that reflects in their daily activities. Our core values are:

Honesty Team Work Excellence Inspiration

What makes us different?

TMP programs are not sermons or Ra Ra lectures but they are designed in a way to engage and inspire the participant to take the steering of change process in their own hands. We facilitate the learning process.

Our workshops are highly interactive and most of them are activity based. Our job is to establish an environment where participants choose to transform themselves.

We provide Post training assistance and support to our participants Free of Cost. Comprehensive assessment reports of each participant along with feedback & videos are shared after our workshops.

‘You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” Galileo