The Alpha & Omega of Selling-2 day workshop

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Posted by M Usman Gulzari on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Selling is offering to exchange an item of value for a different item. It means we all belong to selling in some way. Selling is a noble profession. Unfortunately most people who offer their products/services to the marketplace, they don’t get the return they deserve either because they themselves not understand the significance of their contribution or clients don’t see the value in it. How common it is to come across a skillful individual who is good at his craft but is unable to communicate the significance & value of what he does? In this program participants will learn to tap into their power and learn to express what they want others to see.

“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change” Wayne Dyer

This two day workshop encapsulates the spirit of selling distilled in step-by-step instruction that will show how to maximize their potential and communicate the value of their ideas in the most effective manner. It provides frameworks, recorded presentation, role playing & activities to facilitate participants to learn the lost art of persuasion.


Course Details

Course Timings: Start 09:00 - Finish 16:30

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About the Course

Who should attend the course?

You should attend this selling skills training course, if you want to:

  • Apply universal triggers of influence & Persuasion

  • Lower perceived risk of others by emphasizing values and significance of your product

  • Handle various objections such as “Price is too high” “I’d think about it” etc

  • Read others mind by scanning their body language

  • Respond effectively when their attitude is negative towards you

  • Bring a conversation to a natural and easy conclusion by using some of the best questions ever discovered

Benefits of the Selling skills training course

The benefits of the Selling course are:

  • Create rapport with clients immediately

  • Deliver 30 second commercial of your work

  • Ask intelligent questions to identify client needs

  • Win battle of value (not war of price)

  • Deliver extraordinary sales presentations

  • Generate a stream of new clients

  • Close the sale by learning powerful technique

  • Read Body Language Cues of Clients

  • Handle common & difficult objections

  • Match the benefits of product with needs of client

“I witness the transformation from inside as a participant; I witness the smiling faces after their last presentation”

Salman Shifa, Placement Officer, FAST NU.

Customer Reviews

The Training Method

The training method is very interactive and interesting: Practical exercises for the delegates to learn skills, Activities, group discussions, individual presentations, role playing and presentations

“This workshop is phenomenal in soft skills. The facilitator has a very inspiring way of delivering and benefiting the audience. It will not be an exaggeration if I say he is a magician in Public Speaking”

Tayyab Ali, BroadPeakTechnologies

Customer Reviews