Interpersonal Influence-Negotiation Skills

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Posted by M Usman Gulzari on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dealing with others and cast a lasting impression on others is the most crucial part in our everyday life, but we rarely think the way we deal with people. This one-day session will enable us to use knowledge to learn how our behavior style impacts our overall performance. We’ll take inventory of our current skills and learn how we can improve them for a more effective approach. Influencing Strategies, persuasion techniques, and how to deal with difficult comprises a flavor of what this program will cover

Learn how to channel high performance management skills to interact more effectively with people throughout your organization.


This workshop is an opportunity to master the art of persuasion. Do you know that there is a psychology behind influencing people’s decision? Hone your skills of dealing with people and get what you want in more genuine way. Learn how to motivate “Yes” response from clients, employees, spouses and coworkers.

Course Details

Course Timings: Start 09:00 - Finish 16:30

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About the Course

Who should attend the course?

You should attend this training course, if you:

  • We are not understood properly

  • Fail to build a rapport

  • Handling difficult people

  • Connection is missing during meetings

  • Persuasion seems impossible

Benefits of the Interpersonal skills training course

The benefits of the course are:

  • Able to analyze a situation and respond in the most appropriate way

  • Manage conflict and resistance when dealing with difficult people

  • Develop strategy to influence clients, boss and peers.

  • Communicate more effectively with confidence and authority

  • 5 Triggers to Yes

“I witness the transformation from inside as a participant; I witness the smiling faces after their last presentation”

Salman Shifa, Placement Officer, FAST NU.

Customer Reviews

The Training Method

The training method is very interactive and interesting: Practical exercises for the delegates to learn skills, Activities, group discussions, individual presentations, role playing and presentations

“This workshop is phenomenal in soft skills. The facilitator has a very inspiring way of delivering and benefiting the audience. It will not be an exaggeration if I say he is a magician in Public Speaking”

Tayyab Ali, BroadPeakTechnologies

Customer Reviews